Cattlefarm's Kennel


History of the Cattlefarm's kennel

My breeding experience began with my first dog, which was a black Tibetan Spaniel named ”Ziskam” at 1980s. Ziskam reached an old age of over 16 years. In 1992 I got my own kennel name. Little before that, first of my Australian Cattle Dogs arrived from Australia and Finland to my farmas as a working dogs. After some success I became inspired to participate at dog shows in home and abroad.

I have imported Australian Cattle Dogs with a working background from Reddenblu’s kennel in Canada, Adavale kennel in Australia and Kurpa’s kennel in USA. Many Australian Silky Terriers have lineage connected to Kindee kennels Silky Terriers that I brought in.

In 2002 I received Vuolasvirta award No. 446 from Finnish Kennel Club for my breeding of Australian Cattle Dogs. My dogs have achieved dozens of championships and winner titles on numerous diffent countries. Along the years there have been atleast 10 world winner titles (WWCh & JWW). Many of them have also competed succesfully in variety of competitions i.a. agility, service dog tests and rally obediance. They have also been employed on cattlefarms as a indisposable working dogs.

My Australian Cattle Dogs have a strong herding instinct and high working morale, which their offspring have inherited. I would like to give my thanks to the owners of dogs that I have bred for their successes at dog shows and at various other tests and competitions, without forgetting all the loyal and loved family dogs who have given so much love and joy for their owners. Cattlefarm’s Australian Cattle Dogs live on in numerous familytrees of accomplished dogs across the world. Dogs that I have bred have been taken to all across the Europe and the USA. I ended breeding of Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian Silky Terriers at 2003.

USA & Mexican Ch Cattlefarm`s Soulmate "Leo" owner Tatura
kennel, Mexico, dozens of successful puppies in both countries

26xCh 21x Winner WW-06 ,WVW-11 LTE 170 Cattlefarm`s
Soul Brother "Renttu" owner Maije Dolmatoff